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The SSV Skateboard Bruneck section was launched in 2020, but skateboarding in Bruneck has a much longer history, dating back to the 80s. Initially, the ramps were self-made, until the skate park UFO was built in 2000. Numerous skate contests and events have been organized over the years, resulting in a strong and lively scene developing.


A big thank you for the commitment goes to the former Ginos Shop, the Push-Skate-Society, and the 25Shop in Falzes. From this, the association SSV-Skateboarding-Bruneck developed, with the task of continuing to support this scene in the best sense and to work for a better future.


It is also important to us to bring our sport closer to the next generation. The association SSV Skateboard Bruneck and our (fisr) certified skateboard instructors therefore offer taster days and courses in cooperation with communities and youth centers for children and adults. Furthermore, we organize trainings, private lessons, contests, excursions for members and other scene events.


Our goal is to push the skateboard scene in Pustertal. The renewal of outdated and the creation of new skate parks is therefore very important to us, as the available infrastructure is no longer up to date. We are in contact with various communities for this purpose.  

SSV Skateboard Bruneck



 Martin Summerer, Moritz Feichter, Lukas Watschinger, Thomas Hinteregger, Emanuel Leimgruber, Markus Eder, Alexander Huber

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